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A December You Will Remember!

2021: We are all counting on you to do Better!

Snow softly falling, peaceful and new

What an untouched, beautiful view

All is calm, all is perfect

May we just keep things in check

Bitterly cold and icy times

Dicey futures and uncertain dreaming

Starry nights fireside with love beaming

Magic moments fleeting

Memories frozen in meeting

Blessings and health

Security and wealth

Faith and hope

Alive and awoke

Loved ones in eternal sedation

Sickness and isolation

Anxiety and despair

Anything more I may not bear

Last January betrayed dreams

There was a promise of new beginnings

New year’s resolutions of winning

Plans to explore new destinations

Family and friends join in celebrations

March came in like a lion

Loved ones sick and dying

The world on lockdown

Strangers in our own town

Struggling for financial security

Trying to survive this obscurity

2021 do better, we demand

Reasons to hope

Equality for all

Universal health care

Less hate and divide

Financial prosperity

Political unity

And a Return to Normalcy

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